Who are you choosing to be right now?

It’s April 2020 and……This is a challenging time.

We are all being asked to behave differently, and you may think “I just don’t feel like myself anymore”? You may be remembering a simpler time when you were ‘your old self’ and you may be missing that sense of you.

If you are behaving in ways that are at odds with your ‘older, happier me’ then, deep down, you know there is a different reality but, right now,  you don’t know how to tap into it during this worrying time.

Most people tend to bury these thoughts and feelings and, just like it says on the mugs, we ‘carry on’. We start doing things half-heartedly. We create a life that works rather than one that lasts. This does not make us feel safe. How can you feel safe in your own skin and bring support to those around you if you can’t even recognize who you are?

So, let’s not drift into vulnerability- let’s keep it simple and get grounded and learn to feel like yourself again.

Here is a 3-step chart to reclaim your sense of who you really are.  Thanks to Dr Tina Rae for originally posting this – I have added some of my own words and adapted it.  Please use and share.