When Coffee Goes Wrong

Mmm… I do love good cup of coffee don’t you? And I especially enjoy one on a Saturday morning when it feels like the world just stops as I sit and sip. I can forget my ‘to do’ list and just breathe.

Oh, and I also love a gin and tonic at the end of the afternoon too…that lovely sense of indulgence and the expectation of an evening stretching out ahead.

So, coffee and G&T? What’s not to like?

Imagine my excitement last week, queuing in Café Nero, to read that their latest coffee speciality was Expresso & Tonic! Yes, really!  And as it was a hot day, I opted for this cold drink with high expectations, especially as the tonic was Fevertree!

What was it like?

Have you ever had the experience when you brain expects one thing and your taste buds experience something else…that suspended period of confusion while your brain tries to compute the flavours?

That happened to me that day, quickly followed by the sensation that I was swallowing fizzy cold gravy.


Of course I persevered for 5 minutes- after all, I had paid nearly £4 for it! 

I have since told this story many times and everyone responds with ’why ever did you think it would be OK?’ and I have been thinking about this. I guess I went back into old thinking habits:

  • other people know what’s best for me
  • new ideas have got to be better

And I began to think about work. Professionally, again and again, I have seen initiatives come and go. Some made a real difference and then faded along with the funding. Others are being re-re-invented right now as if we had never thought of the idea before! And all the time I know, as you do, that what is most important is to have children feel secure, nurtured and accepted….and then we can teach them.

The curriculum comes and goes- the latest guidance is returning to something nearer our core values. Of course, we need to make sure that adaptations are diverse- yes you can have your latte, your flat-white, your macchiato- but let’s not lose our sense of the core need to be satisfied. ‘Tonic water’ or its equivalent is not always the way to go!

When you next have a coffee break why not think about what you consider the essentials for today’s children?  The curriculum will continue to adapt with time. How can you ensure you don’t get distracted from those things that will steer the path forward for our children. 

Here’s to sipping and smiling!