The Ultimate Mental Health Day

Take your teachers through the ultimate day of mental health staff development.

Real Change in 1 Day for up to 45 people

One day intensive courses create exponential change and depth of integration, especially when the participant feels themselves to be advocates for vulnerable children. By the end of the day they leave feeling that they are a well equipped Mental Health Champion.

On the Ultimate Mental Health Day, I think you want participants to have:

  • a range of practical solutions for whole-school approaches
  • robust Mental Health practice that runs alongside other priorities
  • strategies for all levels of staff roles and responsibilities
  • a focus on the three areas where change can most easily be achieved:
    • leadership and management
    • teaching and learning
    • working with parents/ carers.
  • an immersive experience
  • talk with an approachable expert and get insights on pressing questions.
  • leave feeling enabled to do more- to make more of a difference
  • more confidence and competence on their return to their setting.

I will help staff to improve the mental wellness of all pupils and better meet the needs of the hard to reach and teach in particular. This course does not focus on diagnosis, referrals and treatment. This is not a Health training : it’s an educational one. It will not look in detail at the needs of targeted groups or conditions. This can be found elsewhere.

As the organiser, you may have a a particular group of participants in mind e.g.

  • a single setting where you want every member of staff to own “Mentla Health is Everybody’s Business”
  • multiple setting staff e.g. Leads and Co-ordinators from schools within a MAT
  • a group of Mental Health Leads e.g. SENDCO’s who you want to take to the next level
  • a mixed audience of staff who have had mental health awareness raising training or more e.g. NHS First Aid who need to embed their understandings into an educational setting

 This day will uniquely explore what it means for a setting to truly respond to vulnerable children today whilst maintaining all your other priorities. 

Your Ultimate Mental Health Day includes:

1 Day, Up to 45 people, £1799 plus travel and expenses

1. Opening Keynote Speech

Be a better Primary School practitioner tomorrow by knowing the essentials about Mental Health today

Your participants will start the day with:

  • latest understandings about positive Mental Health in the primary classroom
  • factors that impact upon vulnerability
  • guidance on identification and early intervention
  • real examples and practical solutions
  • gain new perspective on behaviours they see everyday

2. Strategic Workshop

Mental Health Leadership and Management : Understanding the elements that make up a Gold Standard School

Participants will relate the keynote speech to their school by:

  • understand the key elements of a Mentally Healthy School
  • compare best practice with current practice
  • begin a self assessment process
  • utilize audits
  • create action plans to address improvement areas

3. Curriculum Workshop

How to create a Mental Health curriculum

Participants will explore:

  • Mental Health promotion – a mentally healthy school and classroom
  • Mental Health Prevention – what is a curriculum for resilience?
  • Mental Health Intervention
    • writing baseline assessments for lesson plans
    • overcome barriers to learning
    • change limiting learning behaviours
    • Recording Improvement

4. Working with Parents Workshop

How to communicate with and get the best out of your discussions with Parents

Particpates will explore:

  • parents expectations and concerns today
  • understanding the context at home, school and the community
  • how to open discussions about observed issues or difficult behaviour
  • collaborative working to improve learning behaviours
  • working with other agencies

5. Wrap up

Our day ends with an uplifting finale: - key take-aways from the day and the next steps participants are going to implement

By choosing the Ultimate Mental Health Day...

You will have:

Your Participants will be:


Most frequent questions and answers

Please notify as soon as possible to reschedule, no later than 2 weeks prior, in order to incur no charges. Every effort would be made to reschedule but in the event of no availability, and you have not notified earlier than 2 weeks prior a 50% charge will be  incurred.

A full day typically runs from 8:30am – 5pm with a hour for lunch and short breaks between sessions. 

Many organizers make provision for child care and shorten the day. 

I will bring the presentations on a USB – connection to your overhead screen is required.

A microphone is preferred but optional

A lectern or table to rest notes, and glass of water is desirable.

Handouts for printing will be provided 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Throughout the day there will be small group breakout sessions and opportunities to record thoughts and findings.  It is therefore essential for writing space to be available.

No – due to the interactive nature of the presentation the slides are best understood in person.

Marilyn is very experienced in managing groups whether quick to speak or more reticent. 

In keeping with the Mental Health agenda it is sometimes the case that people disclose personal events, Marilyn ensures a safe place.

No – invoicing will be against a previously provided order number on the day of the event.

Travel costs vary depending on time and distance. They include items like milage and parking or train tickets. Typically, when attending a regional event, these are less than £100. For national events or engagements further afield please contact me to discuss.

I want you to be completely without risk, so here’s my guarantee…

I want this day to be a success. Should for some reason the initial session not have the emphasis you were expecting please provide feedback so I can adjust as appropriate. In the unlikely event that I did not deliver what we agreed I will refund your money. 

It's really easy to get started

This is what happens next. 

  • I will confirm availability for the event date and time.
  • I will send you the pricing / T&C’s for booking – it includes general expectations around prices and copyright. 
  • Once you return a signed copy (electronic version is fine) I will raise an invoice for £1799 against your order number to be processed.
  • Two weeks prior to the event I will send handouts electronically for printing
  • Day of the the event I arrive at our agreed time ready to speak!

Why do this now?

Conferences take time to organize and the best trainers get booked up.

This is not a typical sit and listen conference! Real change will happen…Prioritising this and ensuring the right participants are committed to attend, and finding a suitable venue, will be key to the impact this day will make.

Wouldn’t it be great to go get this planned so you can start generating interest for your event and get commitment from participants?


Customers reviews

What people say?

I can honestly say this has been one of the most rewarding times I my career, witnessing first-hand the positive impact that an effective training has had on schools and their communities. I am confident that those goals and targets are embedded and will not only be sustained, but further enhanced. I can’t wait to see what happens next’.
the Ultimate training day
Three of the four teachers involved in the Chadsgrove Teaching School project felt that the benefits to the pupils involved and their own PSHE teaching had been significant. However, they emphasised that the benefits had come largely from training received from Marilyn, who had deeply influenced the way they had approached their future work with children.
Researcher, Jo Egerton
reporting on the project

Keynote Speaker: up to 150 people, 1.5 hours 

Keynote Speaker: up to 150 people, 1.5hrs

Flagship Workshop: up to 50 people, 1 hr

Can you go on a mental health course in your pyjamas?