Tolerating frustration

Can you identify with this?

You start the term in one direction and by now you are less directed, or, as you might want to say to yourself, you are taking the scenic route! Your experience tells you that will get there eventually, however, you have a sense of frustration too.

If so, this newsletter is for you.

The role of the Head is often to bounce-back from mistakes, setbacks and failure by others and to convert this into a re-energising for a new direction and a promise of achievements to come. This requires Heads to be super-motivated. To do this well, we need a toolkit of abilities:

  • To discern between short and long term goals
  • To know there are a number of ways to arrive at a goal
  • To know what leadership styles lead to the best outcome in each situation
  • To practise sustained effort and learning
  • To know about comfort levels, learning curves and anxiety levels in our staff
  • To have the ability to anticipate obstacles
  • To recognise excuses and the ways that people act to absolve responsibility
  • To switch goals
  • To take appropriate risks

You may like to look at this list and see if you could polish a few of these tools in your kit. 

Meanwhile, Headteachers are able to tolerate frustration by:

  • Keeping the big picture in mind
  • Believing that we can get there
  • Using positive self-talk 
  • Using visualisations

November is a good time to exercise positive thinking- to sort out the tricks from the treats.

Happy Hallowe’en!