Returning to School? This will help.

With the recent UK Government announcement that schools are re-opening in a limited fashion teachers may be wondering what to expect from pupils. Back to teaching after lockdown answers these questions.  
Equally parents will have expectations that may not match the emotional capability of their children in this strange situation. The return could be bumpy. Returning to school after lockdown provides answers to parents that are both supportive and a reality-check.
Back at school after lockdown recognises that many children will be unsure how to deal with conflicting emotions when they discover how school is different- even those with resilience. For those with vulnerability, this Q&A is an essential soothe. Additionally, here is a fun activity that they can do with their peers. You may want to use it as a prompt for discussing their feelings in the first few days. 

I hope these will help you. Please share.

Take Care, Marilyn

Fun Fortune Teller For Primary Pupils

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