Recruiting staff: Why did you become a teacher?

Well here we go again, yet another round of glue, glitter, songs, rehearsals and the general mayhem as we hurtle towards the end of the Autumn Term. How many times have you been through this?

For a teacher new to the profession, this end of term must be an eye-opener- joyous and exhausting!
For me, it was this time of year that I missed most when I moved out of schools to train teachers.

You may have been hearing, recently, about the loss of young teachers and the difficulty in recruiting others. You may have had this experience at you own school. I have been thinking about how to retain teachers- and that led me to wondering what made them train as a teacher in the first place.

What made you go into the profession? 
For me, it wasn’t something I always wanted to do. Quite the opposite! I wanted to be a mortician- yes, you read that right! You can imagine the reaction of my parents with all their 1950’s inhibitions- so not right for a ‘young lady’ -and, although I changed it to surgeon, matron and eventually nurse as a compromise, there was a lot of resistance which resulted in me enrolling on a teacher training course.

My first school placement was a revelation! I realised the impact that a love of learning can make on a child from any background and that I was a significant player in creating opportunities for change. I was hooked.
No wonder I landed up training student teachers and enthusing them with this gift – the ability to change a life and make a difference!

So, what was the reason you became a teacher? And do you still feel that thrill? Probably not, well not every day, as the job is very demanding and different from when you started. But the personal qualities that draw us to the profession remain the same don’t they- the 7 principles of public life? 

Teaching gives us the opportunity to express commitment, confidence, curiosity, challenge, collaboration, criticism and creativity.

Let’s hang these gifts up along with the other gifts at this time of festivity!

What a good decision we made. Our work will last long into the future. Now that’s a real gift!

Happy holidays x