Can you go on a mental health course in your pyjamas?

  • Why you don’t need to enrol in an offsite training to have Mental Health expertise
  • What if each staff member had the same approach to MH?
  • How to uncover the messages a child is trying to share through their behaviour
  • What if you could start making a difference on Monday to that 1 child you often worry about?
  • 10 strategies to overcome vulnerability in 98% children
  • What if you could learn everything you need to know about “MH in the classroom” in 1.5hrs?

I created the Mental Health Take Away Core Programme for everyone at your Primary school to have the tools and strategies to make a difference to children’s mental health. I have already delivered this training in person extensively in schools and local authorities with excellent evaluations, however, I realized I can not reach all who need this.

The Mental Health Take Away Core Programme is a self-managed staff development course. In this video training I share essential Mental Health knowledge, understanding and strategies to identify and intervene.


Specifically I think you want to have:

  • more confidence and competence with today’s challenging pupils 
  • improved learning outcomes
  • a whole school approach whether staff are experienced or newly-qualified
  • a cost effective, easily consumable training 
  • without the need to cover staff absence on trainings.

When a teacher understands why and how mental vulnerability presents, and know what actions to take, both teaching and learning improve. 

The Mental Health Take Away Core Programme is about removing barriers to learning. You will know that SAT’s results are affected by pupils’ ability to undertake the task with confidence and competence. Poor mental health leaves a pupil with a heritage of poor learning behaviours. 

I will help teachers to improve the mental wellness of all pupils and better meet the needs of the hard to reach and teach in particular. This course does not focus on diagnosis, referrals and treatment. This is not a Health course : it’s an educational one. At the end of the day, this is all about children and our children’s children… legacy

You will have:

Your staff will have:

Whether in Maths, English or any other subject, the training will show teachers the ways that learning tasks can be structured so the child builds positive mental health.

Which means your pupils will become more engaged, resilient and better learners. And give your staff the greater satisfaction of having made a difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What will I receive?

A USB containing: The Mental Health Take Away Core Programme: 

  • Quick Start Guide 
  • A step by step self managed video training programme
  • Activity sheets including:
    • A Mental Health audit 
    • Vulnerability assessment 
    • Competencies of resilience

The USB with Mental Health Take Away Core Programme is owned by the school for lifetime use.

How long does the training take; we are really busy?

The entire course is 1.5 hours plus reflection points and activity sheets. Most sections are about 5 mins. It is designed for the busy classroom teacher.

What technology do I need?

You will receive a USB. This can be viewed directly or uploaded to your school server. You will be able to view on any compatible device.

Does this have to be done at school?

No, it can be accessed anywhere convenient.

Is there a limit how many teachers can use this?

There is no limit to the number of uses. Pricing includes the use at one school address by any current staff member.  Please contact us directly for MAT or group pricing.

I have a tight budget do you have a payment plan?

No, this is not available for this product.

How can I get funding for this?

One way to fund the Mental Health Take Away Core Programme is by using Pupil Premium monies – the cost is less than one Pupil Premium. 

I have curriculum squeeze - are there activities that need fitting in to classroom time?


Does this provide mental health curriculum content, such as a PHSE unit, for pupils?


Is the Mental Health Take Away Core Programme better than other mental health trainings?

At at time of creation I am unaware of any other similar teacher training.

Will I see improvement?

Yes, other Heads have seen that the Mental Health Take Away Core Programme improves teaching and learning.

I want you to be completely without risk, so here’s my guarantee…

We want you to be successful with this training. If, after 60 days, you are not completely satisfied please send us your completed activity sheets for review and we will call you to discuss. If after this discussion you are still not happy we will refund 100%.

It's really easy to get started

This is what happens next. 

  • I will send you the T&C’s for using this product – it includes general expectations around prices and copyright.
  • Once you return a signed copy (electronic version is fine) I will raise an invoice for £599 against your order number to be processed.
  • Upon receipt of payment your Mental Health Take Away Core Programme will be posted to you.
  • Get started!

Why do this now? 

Time flies, it will be a new school year before you know it. Wouldn’t it be great to go into the summer confidently knowing you have a solid plan for mental health training for the coming year?

Customers reviews

What people say?

I thought children didn’t start because of the task. Until I watched the Take-Away, I didn’t realise it the actual starting that was the problem- and that came from anxiety.
Experienced teacher
Junior School, Bournemouth,
One child has really changed in his expectation of what he can do. In his work, you can really see him striving to achieve and he used to be so unaware. We are working on improving ‘starting and finishing’ in the Take-Away.
Yr 6 Lead
Junior School, Bournemouth
After the training the Senior Management Team listened to Pastoral Staff and this led to the School Improvement Plan being amended to include Mental Health.

Need help to get this kicked off?

Would you like all your preparation done for you? Evidence and outcomes tracked and recorded? To open your training programme and have everything ready to go with  peace of mind?

This “done for you” Launch Kit contains everything you need (other than me!): 

Prior to starting video training:

  • Warm up: Awareness raising questionnaire
    • Can be done pre meeting or as an ice breaker
  • Staff Meeting Presentation for you or a Lead to deliver
    • 1hr : 24 slides with natural halfway break
    • notes for presenter with key talking points
    • group / pair activities with timings 
  • Teacher’s Information Sheet about Mental Health in the Classroom

Throughout implementation period:

  • 10 x Teachers assessment tools to track changes in children’s learning and behaviour over a 4-6 week period
  • Planning and delivery guidelines for each assessment tool
  • Management assessment tool to monitor classroom strategies through a structured discussion

Evaluation of impact:

  • Management assessment tool to track the impact of the training


The Mental Health Take Away Complete Programme


Given all your other priorities wouldn’t it be great to know that you can order this training and start making a difference now?


Other Options

keynote speaker

As a nationally recognized expert in the field of universal Mental Health Marilyn can be relied upon to deliver current and engaging content in an upbeat style. She has spoken to audiences from 50 to 500 people with expert reviews.

The Ultimate Mental Health Day

Take your teachers through the ultimate day of Mental Health staff development.

Real Change in 1 Day

for up to 45 people

Mental Health Classroom Curriculum.

  • Lessons to promote resilience
  • lesson outlines for teachers with baseline assessment
  • worksheets for use in class or as extension activities.