Improving mental health on a limited budget starting now!

Is your budget stretched?

Of course, it is. Whose isn’t!

And yet you still want to move the school forward and meet the needs of vulnerable learners. 

This is a quick newsletter about 4 quick fixes to improve Mental Health. They involve little or no cost!

  1. Start the day with a  5-minute easy task. The evidence is that children who start the day with failure, go on to fail again and begin to fear failure more than the task itself. Break the cycle with a success starter.
  2. On Friday, at the end of the school day, be at the gate telling the children that you will be thinking about them over the weekend. Many vulnerable children think ‘out of sight is out of mind’. Isn’t it interesting that we even have this expression to use?  I wonder how that happened? What we do know is that vulnerable children believe they are ‘lost from mind’ when they are not in your company. This leaves them rootless and lacking solidity; therefore, they need to be told this often.
  3. Start the day with music rather than a bell. A bell is quite invasive and causes mental distress to those who do not like shock or surprises. It will take longer for a sensitive child to settle after a bell. Music is less invasive and is best managed by starting it quietly and increasing the volume. Some bells have this capability. For information, it has been shown that classical music works better than upbeat 1950’s dance music, for example.
  4. Make a worry tree for the foyer or reception area. Allow children with challenges to write their worry and hang it on the tree before leaving it behind and going to class.

Are any of these useful to you? If you have other ideas for budget enhancers, do please tell us so that we can share these ideas about. Thankyou. 


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