Endings, Beginnings, Analysis Paralysis

So here you are at the end of term, those last few days when you are trying to get the runners and riders over the finishing line.  In therapy they call it closure – that sense of all the threads being tied up, that there is nothing left to say and that everyone can move on.

But schools aren’t like that.

I imagine that you have already had, or are about to start planning for next year. Even your holiday, which the general public think is beyond generous, is already arranged in bite-sized pieces – with a precious bit in the middle labelled ‘me time’. 

I think of the school summer holidays as more like purgatory- that state between heaven and hell! According to your year, you may prefer it the other way around-hell followed by heaven.

Seriously though, it’s an in between time, not inactive enough to be described as limbo and not active enough to think of it as transitioning. I recall feeling quite ambivalent about walking around the silent classrooms. I also recall wondering if I would ever have the energy to crank up the machinery another year.

So if this you- betwixt and between- may I encourage you to not think at all right now!

Yes, no reflection, no analysis, no pulling at threads of thoughts. You are not yet in the place for that.

May I suggest doing a little ritual that has helped me through many endings. Do it on your own after everyone has left. It goes like this….

  1. Imagine the hall full of staff and pupils. Close your eyes.
  2. Imagine them all being covered by a blanket of light.
  3. In your head, thank them for all that they were and all that they might have been.
  4. Then in your mind, just tell them it’s time to go.
  5. Keeping your eyes still closed, you may have a sense of them leaving. Sometimes an individual seems to hang around. Tell them again, firmly, it’s time to go NOW.
  6. When it feels right, open your eyes- and start to leave the building in reality. Feel better?

And if this all too flaky for you, there is always the cold white wine in the bath technique but I think you know how that one goes? Or the cold beer and firing up the BBQ if you are like my son in law!

You did good. You did more than good. In fact, you were amazing! Believe it.

See you in September

Marilyn x