Do you have FOMO?

Yes, it’s May already! Are you up to your eyes in SATS, Sports Days,  transitions for Y6 and the next intake, end of term concerts, farewells for leaving staff and don’t really have time to read this newsletter?

You are no doubt engaged in a complicated manoeuvre not unlike docking a space satellite to the mother ship- in fact, you are the mothership bringing everything back to the centre before the end of term.

Are you wondering what is happening in the world outside the school gates? 

No, I get it. You don’t have time for that either! 

But please, just give me a moment.  I want to make sure you don’t have FOMO. 

What’s FOMO? It’s the Fear Of Missing Out.

Usually we make a connection between FOMO and young people on social media. It’s thought that FOMO drives obsessive screen time and the need to post a regular ‘presence’ in order to ’exist’. It’s not that kind of FOMO that I writing to you about.

According to the Urban Dictionary (no, I didn’t know there was one either!) FOMO is an omnipresent anxiety brought on by our cognitive ability to recognise potential opportunities. This is typically accompanied by unease which can cause mental or emotional strain.

It is a challenge as a super-busy Headteacher to sift through new educational thinking, let alone reading more widely. One of the aims of these newsletters is to keep you posted so that you do not experience FOMO. 

This time it’s about the Timpson Review that came out this month.  So if you missed it, here’s a link to my 1 page summary of the briefing. 

Take a read, it won’t take long… feel free to forward
It’s now May and I know July feels like it’s way in the distance…Hang in there – you have ridden this wave before. Keep paddling!

This email comes with my support for all that you are doing at this time of year,
You can do it.