Asking Marilyn: Summer Holiday Blues

My Situation: My family of three children are frequently falling out with each other. The summer holidays are coming soon and I would like ways to make the children share so that they play better together.   Answer: The long summer holidays can be a catalyst for sibling rivalry- resulting in parents being glad to … Read more

Asking Marilyn: They don’t want to join in!

My Situation: My 6 year old child is very popular. We get lots of invites to things- like playdates and parties. But he won’t go. I don’t understand this. And is causes friction between us.   Answer: For many children being in social situations where there will be lots of interaction is a comfortable and … Read more

Asking Marilyn: In the Spotlight!

My situation It’s that time of the year again- concerts, music exams, dance exhibitions. My child gets very nervous and the excitement and nerves of the other children take her over the edge. Can you give me some easy and quick relaxation tips to calm my child? Ideas that can be done it in a … Read more

Asking Marilyn: Technology Rules?

My situation Like every child, mine is into technology. I have read lots about whether it affects us in a negative way and I want to have some family rules that protect us whilst knowing that technology is here to stay and that it has its benefits. Do you have any information that enables me … Read more

Ask Marilyn: Panic Attacks how to avoid them

My situation My child can become really anxious. Sometimes this seems like a panic attack. What can I do to stop it from getting out of hand? Answer Everyone feels anxious a lot of the time. Mostly it’s a useful way that we judge if we are safe, if we are accepted and if we … Read more