Mental health and transition

I went to 6 schools before I was 18. I have worn brown with blue trimming, grey and greyer, navy with red and no uniform at all.   I have been a poor learner, a successful student and a dismal middle-of-the road student. Teachers wrote ‘conscientious’ on my school report. There wasn’t much else to say! Trying … Read more

Tolerating frustration

Tolerating Frustration

Can you identify with this? You start the term in one direction and by now you are less directed, or, as you might want to say to yourself, you are taking the scenic route! Your experience tells you that will get there eventually, however, you have a sense of frustration too. If so, this newsletter is … Read more

5 things we know today about children’s Mental Health

It’s a decade now since the CAMHS Review surprised us by saying that ‘mental health is everybody’s business’. Much has changed and nothing has changed!  What has definitely changed is the increase in children and young people with mental well-being needs and in the nature of those needs. That 2008 document talked about the 1 child in … Read more

Feeling like a dragonfly?

I was admiring a dragon-fly recently, its gossamer wings and effortless flight across the meadow. What a joy to watch! And, as my grand-daughter was with me, we began poking about in the surrounds of the pond to see what else we could discover. Oh dear…there were really gross casings that looked something you didn’t … Read more

Happy New Year!

Letters from Marilyn

Did anyone ever send you a New Year’s card to celebrate the beginning of your school year? I guess not! Other people are finishing off their summer holidays or laying in the garden courtesy of those few hot days that seem to always arrive as soon as the children go back to school. Early September, … Read more