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Just discovered….booksbeyondwords who are helping people with learning disabilities to share knowledge and explore their lives, feelings and challenges. Their books, that have pictures only, explore how to build resilience, to deal with feelings of anger, experiencing domestic violence and more. They also prepare young people for health visits to clinics and to deal with … Read more

Even Toddlers can tell when adults are faking it

Scientists have found that from the age of 18months, children can tell when we are faking our emotions. ‘The ability to detect sadness and then react immediately This has an evolutionary implication…however to function effectively in the social world, children need the ability to understand other’s behaviours and what is going on internally for those … Read more

World do your worst

Every year the teenagers of loving families, often pupils in high performing schools succumb to depression, anxiety and stress….There are concerns for children who strive for perfection in all areas of their lives….perfect bodies….muscle definition…children who are resilient accept being ‘good enough’ and have some sense that they have some control over their lives rather … Read more