2 mistakes made about vulnerable mental health

Today I wanted to share 2 of the most common mistakes I’ve noticed that people make about children with vulnerable mental health. 1. “I should micro-manage their learning.” Yes, of course there needs to be planned, incremental units of learning for those pupils who have barriers to learning- poor learning behaviours, learning difficulties, special needs … Read more

Handling sensitive and controversial issues

Learning from real life experiences is central to the Primary curriculum and we recognise that vulnerable children may not have a range of experiences as building blocks. However, when it comes to emotional learning, these pupils may have lived a lot more! This learning may not have been healthful, reflected upon or made coherent.  So when … Read more

Everyday classroom changes to support vulnerable learners

I remember listening to the psycho therapist Una Firth some years ago who told the true story of 3 brothers who presented differently as a result of family trauma- the eldest with anti-social behaviour, the middle boy with eating disorders and the youngest being deeply withdrawn. The youngest had the most profound distress even though … Read more