Marilyn Tucknott M.A.

I am passionate about childhood- that time of loving and laughter, smiles and discovering about ourselves and the wonder-filled world we live in. Childhood is when we learn through love. Scientifically, it is the time when the plasticity of the brain allows new connections and the re-organisation of memories as the child’s curiosity leads to ‘light-bulb’ moments.

Being with children as they make these discoveries is a privilege whether as an educator, a strategic visionary or a grandmother- and I am all three! Being part of these journeys allows me to participate in creating a better future, to heal hurts and to maintain my own sense of wonder.

Mental well-ness in children has never been so important. More than a third of Primary phase children are vulnerable at any time; over a third of pupils will go home to parents who have emotional needs. Childhood is a privilege.

My commitment is to resource all children with resilience and to provide interventions for the vulnerable. Reversing the current trend will bring about self-confident children today and the legacy of better parenting tomorrow.


Professional Experience

Regional and National speaker from 2015

Mental Health Consultant to Maintained schools and Academies 2015 onwards

Mental Health Consultant in Local authorities 2008 onwards

Senior Management experience from 1990

Teacher Trainer/ Principal Lecturer in SEN from 1985

International consultancy experience

Voluntary work: 6 years of work building resilience and personal agency within disenfranchised communities

Qualifications: M.A., B.Ed and NLP Master Practitioner

Business Mission and History

The company was formed in 2007 as a result of my drive to serve a wider community of teachers and pupils possible through self-employment. The mission of Koa is to create opportunities for personal and organisational change that will support vulnerable children– and that this will bring legacy for their children.

The company name of Koa Ltd, of which I am the Director Owner, is taken from the tallest tree in the Acacia family that provides shade and nurture for separate communities within its branches. This means that consultancy and training is based on best practice whilst considering the distinctiveness of the individual setting. The tree and leaf image populates my website because of the business purpose.

  • Company No: 5225831
  • VAT registration number: 920 4255 55
  • Company address: 22 Pine Avenue, Bournemouth BH6 3SW

Customers reviews

What people say?

I have some anger problems and have now been given a way to avoid getting in trouble
Y5 Boy
reporting in Pupil Survey, Poole
The awareness of the vast array of mental health issues. Now I feel I could comfortably recognise a child who needs additional support.
Primary School Teacher
I’m new to the school. This resource is making me feel confident in ‘doing it right’
Recently Qualified Teacher
Using the management standards that Marilyn has devised, helped us with our Ofsted inspection.
Primary School
Greater Manchester
One of the best 2 days of training in 37 years of local authority training
Experienced Teacher
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your time and expertise at our conference. I am always in awe of how you tick the right boxes for teachers, TAs and the dreaded HTs. I received some lovely feedback from those present and I know you did too. I really think you pitched the delivery perfectly and opened up a few more eye s(and my own even further) to how MH affects children across the board. I think the day was a great success.
Dorset Primary Heads Forum conference
I thought children didn’t start because of the task. Until I watched the Take-Away, I didn’t realise it was the actual starting that was the problem- and that came from anxiety because of poor resilience.
Experienced Junior School Teacher

Keynote Speaker

As a nationally recognized expert in the field of universal Mental Health Marilyn can be relied upon to deliver current and engaging content in an upbeat style. She has spoken to audiences from 50 to 500 people with expert reviews.

training + Workshops

Can you go on a Mental Health course in your pyjamas?

The Feel Better Place
coming soon

Mental Health Classroom Curriculum.

  • Lessons to promote resilience
  • lesson outlines for teachers with baseline assessment
  • worksheets for use in class or as extension activities.