A Letter from Marilyn

Dear Parent,

Thankyou for reading my newsletters during 2017. I hope they have brought you comfort and new understanding and that you have tried some of the solutions. If you have younger children, you may have read the teenage ones with interest. They may have sown a seed that you can grow for this next stage of development. And if you have older children, you may look back and be reminded of those earlier worries and the way you got through them with tears and even laughter. Being a parent is a tough call and being a good parent is a big ask in today’s world.

You are doing a good job and in the middle of all the preparation of the next few days, whatever your family traditions, just stop once in a while and smile. You are creating a safe and loving space in which your child can grow and try out being themselves. And this is where it is OK to be you too. You can try things out too.

My favourite part of our winter celebrations is Christmas Eve. I like to stay up after everyone has gone to bed and to sit in the half-light knowing that everyone is tucked up safe and that there is nothing else that can be done. There is a stillness that is magical!

Of course, it won’t be perfect!  There is always something that will go wrong and that’s OK. It becomes part of the history and can even be funny. One year, I recall the turkey being found nibbled on all corners by our cat (I cut those sections off and kept quiet until after everyone had eaten!) Has anyone forgotten that? No way!

So if you find it all a bit stressful and that you have to get it right, join me in letting go of expectations because they only bring disappointment. It will be what it will be. And it will be more than enough. So plan to relax and focus on how wonderful it is to have the chance to make other people happy, and enjoy it moment by moment.

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy now. You deserve it.

With love and laughter

Marilyn x